Vertex Dispenser

Vertex Dispenser is a fast-paced abstract strategy game with mathematical puzzle elements. Wrestle for control of territory on bizarre geometric worlds. Carefully plan your conquests to maximise the colours of your vertices, capture solid faces to defend them, then eradicate your enemies with a variety of special attacks.

Now available on Steam.

"This happens to have been the first game I judged, and it almost prevented me from judging anything else. It is such a refreshing, unique game experience, and addicting in the best possible way." - IGF Judge
"Amazing premise for a game and clever design." - IGF Judge
"A very unique and clever action-strategy-puzzle game!" - IGF Judge

Winner of the Indievisibility Rob Fearon Filthy Phallus award
(for the game that could be the worst euphemism ever if you squint really hard)

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